Security is more than just one process...

Penetration testing

Not only we do provide manual penetration testing, but also we are proud to offer a unique pentesting solution.

After a countless number of penetration tests spread across multiple companies, experimenting with numerous security tools (scanners, analysers), we came up with our proprietary solution: T-Sentinel.

Such solution drastically decreased scanning time, helped with identification of very rare findings and increased positive approach towards the penetration tests.

Automated Scanners

Our T-Sentinel, an automated application security testing solution that helps find critical vulnerabilities in web applications while they are running in production.

DevOps Security

We build and integrate security as part of your CI/CD pipeline to detect and mitigate security bugs early.

Mobile applications security

Mobile gaming, banking, payments, e-commerce...we got it all covered. By using out broad experience and selected tools,we offer mobile application security testing, as well as security assessment.

Code Review

Does not matter whether your company is a startup or a fully grown enterprise, as long as there is in-house development happening, we offer code review from security and quality perspective. This service is adds a great value on top of the manual and automated penetration testing.

Threat Modelling & Architecture Review

We provide revision of the application threat models, as well as architecture and application quality review.

This service not only consists of manual and automated process, but also delivers actionable report file, and further analysis if needed.

Software Development

We provide services as a software house with a track record of delivering in-budget solutions to our customers.

Languages in use: Python, Ruby, Bash, Java. Starting from the gathering and defining the requirement, through to design, implementation, deployment and maintenance.

Security Training

We provide on-premise security training sessions, aimed at project teams as well as the developers.

Content can be tailored either to the target audience (PMs, QA specialists, architects, developers, etc), technology being used at your company, or can be split into multiple sessions reviewing common mistakes and best practices used on the market.